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January 13, 2013

This is getting ridiculous. I guess we all need to listen to the national media. You’ll know same people who called the Philadelphia fanbase idiots for running McNabb out of town. The same ones who cursed the front office for not firing Reid 4 years ago and are now cursing them for firing him now.

Since when do you hire the first guy in the door? I guess many buisnesses should shut their doors because they’re considered a failure when they don’t hire someone the next day. Just wow.

How comes most of the Philadelphia media has no problem with what they’re doing? How comes most of the intelligent fanbase want a guy that they can’t even put an offer for on the table yet? I understand the morons around town want a guy who is so sought after than no teams have called him yet?

Oh and as for the Roseman thing of not being a football guy. He’s been in the orginization for 13 years. Worked his way up through the system and sat underneath Banner and Heckert for many years. I’m no cook either but if I work with one everyday for 13 years I’m probably going to pick a few things up. Roseman and Reid ran the 2012 offseason. Re-signed everybody with no hassle for the first time. Had what looks like a damn good draft. One good year is not going to repair many poor ones.

So in the end the guys that most people were looking at are still available. Failure? Or maybe talking to best football minds available to get ideas and waiting for the guy they wanted all along to fix this mess.

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